Royal Finals
Regal Majesty Pageant 


We are not Natural, we are not Glitz -  We are... MAJESTIC!

What is a "Majestic Girl"? 
A Majestic Girl does not have any fake hair, fake eyelashes, flippers (fake teeth), fake nails, etc...
She is a natural girl with a touch of glimmer! We allow poufy pageant hairstyles, light makeup, and trendy/fashionable clothing. We do not allow glitz cupcake dresses. Girls may wear any length and style dress/gown they choose. Sunday best is fine, as are long full ball gowns. It is so much fun for girls to have a 'girly day', and this pageant allows them to:

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Our 201 4 Royal Finals Royalty!!
  2014 Royal National Finals High Point Winners
2014 Royal National Finals Queens
Upcoming pageants start up again in August 
We will coming to Idaho, Canada and Oregon, contact me if you want Regal to come to your state! 360-386-8388
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